Integrated Psychological Services at Mind Mandala

Mind Mandala – Integrated Psychological Services is a company that envisions to spread quality psych-based training along with other psychological services such as consultations, testing, counseling, seminars, workshops, and teaching. It is the brainchild of two psychologists – Ms. Havovi Hyderabadwalla & Ms. Janki Mehta.
We at Mind Mandala believe that all individuals have an innate potential to learn, grow and achieve their goals and often it is our own mental state that limits us.
To help actualize these thoughts and dreams, we provide opportunities for individuals to explore their innermost feelings, thoughts, fears, insecurities, and emotions in a safe and therapeutic space under our skillful team of mental health care providers.
Our foremost objective is to help our clients live a happy, balanced life. We take pride in giving our clients the best possible care and provide services customized to individual needs.